Bonding with your Guinea Pig

One of my precious foster pigs - now adopted

It’s time to get closer with your furry potato. 

Have you ever thought he just doesn’t like you? That’s not the case at all. We already know they’re prey animals…. meaning that in the wild they’re constantly being hunted.

This may mean that they get nervous when you get near there cage…. even if you have veggies, because you’re tall and could be a predator.

Spend lots of time near their cage… speaking to them softly, or just talking around them to get them used to your voice. Bring fresh vegetables over to the cage frequently (about a cup per day) so they’ll associate you with good food.

In my experience, they will not like being physically picked up – but, they will probably love being held. It goes back to the Predator Problem, as you lean in to the cage to pick them up. 

I’d suggest using a fleece cuddle sack, popping some cucumber in there, and pick them up that way. This one will feel great on their toes!

Once you’ve secured them in the snuggle bag then you can grab the remote and relax with them…. have those veggies handy. Head scratches and chin massages are usually the way to go…. it’s not often they enjoy being touched elsewhere. 

You may really love something like this for them to hang out on you lap…. and keep your lap dry! That’s once they’ve gotten more used to you and don’t mind being uncovered.

I also love sitting near them when they’re having floor time. That way you’re more at their level, and much less intimidating. Have some places for them to hide, and I like to have romaine leaves handy for them to nibble on from my hand.