Cuddle Cup and Tunnel Accessories Bundle

This Bundle is the perfect thing to get you started snuggling and bonding with your little fella.

The Cuddle Cup comes with TWO removable Potty Pads, to make it much easier to keep clean and looking sharp. The bottom is made of  a waterproof material so it’s perfect for lap time!

The Fleece Tunnel opens up to a Potty Pad, so cleaning it is a cinch

Cage Liner and Potty Pad Bundle

Get creative with this bundle!

6 small cage liners (1 x 2 C&C Cage Liners), so you can mix and match in your cage – only swapping out those ones that are in the messier spots!

Lots of different prints to choose from. It also includes 4 coordinating potty pads

Water Bottle Drip Pad Set

A set of 3 Drip Pads (or Tidy Mats, if you like) to put in busy corners, or tuck under that water bottle