Couch Protector – minky fleece Owl Print


Your couch will look gorgeous, and free from pesky pet hair

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  • Pre-washed and ready to use!
  • Three layers; cozy fleece top and bottom, plus a middle absorbent layer, made from recycled denim
  • carefully selected prints and patterns, to look amazing with your home decor

Cute dog accessories

Do you love cuddling with your best friends on your couch, but get tired of wiping hair (and maybe drool) off the cushions? NOW you can snuggle up and stop scrubbing – this soft and gorgeous liner is EASY to throw in the washer and dryer. Your couch will remain in perfect condition!

Throw it in the car for your next road trip too.

sofa cover

Additional information

Weight .81 lbs

14" by 14", 20" by 22 " Small, 20" by 36" Medium, 26" by 44" Large, 26" by 66" Extra Large


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