Cuddle Sacks Galaxy Collection Unicorns


These fun prints will have you snuggling all the way to the moon and back


Why use a snuggle sack? This is the perfect way to pick up your Skinny Pig or guinea pig from their cage. We all know what it’s like to chase them around when it’s nail trimming time and they don’t want to join you. Just place a treat inside, let them crawl in and gently scoop them up. 

They’ll be even more bonded with you because they’re less afraid!

The snuggle sack is THREE layers; a fun printed fleece on the outside, a solid fleece inside, plus an inner absorbent layer.

Small pets love to feel safe, and they will feel very safe tucked into their new snuggle sack. We all know what our little prey animals are like, so let’s help them feel safe and cozy!

Additional information

Weight .337 lbs

Planets, Unicorn and Moons


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