• Blue Flower black fabric with sugar skulls
  • Black Liner with Colourful Sunglasses
  • Black and White Blanket
  • Blue Cage Liner

Living World Fleece Cage Liner Galaxy Collection Planet Print


Your Living World has never looked so good, and their feet will love them too



Absorbent Cage Liners

Part of our Galaxy Collection, this is a super fun print.

Are you excited to see your pocket pet in a beautiful, fresh, clean cage? Created specially for Living World cages, this will change your cage cleaning game.

No more messy disposable bedding to throw away. You will save so much money because you don’t have to keep going to the pet store to buy more disposable bedding.

Just sweep up a couple times a day, and wash and dry once to twice a week to see a beautiful cage.

Perfect for skinny pigs, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas and more!

Check the size of your cage and add to cart!

This is made to order and will take around 12 business days to ship. I can’t wait for you to try your new fleece cage liner

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Living World 19" by 31", Living World 23" by 38", Living World 23" by 47"


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