Midwest Cage Liner


Your cage will look beautiful, and be easy to clean


Midwest cages are a super popular choice of cage for lots of small pets these days.

This liner is specifically made to fit your Midwest cage, and keep your pocket-sized friend happy

  • Pre-washed three times and ready to use
  • Three soft layers; top and bottom are fleece, with an absorbent middle layer. And yes, it IS made of recycled denim!
  • Washes and dries beautifully in your machine
  • NEVER have to haul disposable bedding to the garbage again!
  • Lots of stitching to keep your liner secure; never any bunching or shifting

FINALLY! You don’t have to feel like your pet’s cage is an eyesore.

Urban Animal picks super cool fabrics to all our cage liners and pet accessories. Home decor and pet accessories have finally gotten together!

Don’t you love seeing your pet exploring a freshly cleaned cage? Whether he popcorns, burrows or hops, you’ll feel good knowing he’s comfortable in his sweet new cage bedding


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Weight 1.293 lbs


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