• Black and White Buffalo Plaid cage liner

Waterproof C&C Cage Liners


Perfect for your C&C Cage!



Waterproof guinea pig liners

Choose Your Perfect Size!

Your furry friend will love trotting around on this soft, cozy fleece in their clean cage.

This is a fun, bright owl print for the top layer. The bottom is a waterproof material called PUL (used for making diapers). **The pattern choice will depend on what is in stock**

As always, the middle is an absorbent layer

  • You’ll save money simply by never having to buy disposable bedding again
  • You’ll save time when you can grab your cage liner, give it a good sweep and shake, and toss it in the wash
  • Sweeping twice daily for maintenance is recommended
  • Wash once a week

No More Wasted Bedding

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2 by 2 Grid, 2 by 3 Grid, 2 by 4 Grid, 2 by 5 Grid


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